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Fresh products

Fresh products

Our range of fresh products is positioned on A self-service shelf composed of cooked pork meat and the stand for cutting.

saucisson de cheval

A local product from the North of France, the horse meat cold sausage is one of the most well-known! Indeed this product benefits from the greatest number of manufacturers in the North of France. The horse butcher’s shops are numerous and the consumption in the North represents the main part of the French consumption.

This product develops the more we move toward the south, a strong taste of garlic and suggesting a grain texture on the Opal coast ( BCD, Boulogne-sur-mer, Calais, Dunkerque), it develops toward a smooth texture and a fine taste in in Paris and its surroundings.

Our product is made with an important smoking process.

We also offer fricadelles, smoked garlic sausage (new) and “little bells” small horse meat cold sausages as an appetizer.

FricadellesSaucisson à l'ail de PierrotApéro Grelots

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