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Grocer's shop

Grocer's shop

We find again the potjevleesh and “ les bonnes recettes de Pierrot” (Pierrot’s good recipes) and other products from the grocer’s shop‘s range, in the shelf ‘cooked meals’ of the main part of the distribution in the North of France.

The range “les bonnes recettes de Pierrot” benefits from the image and Pierre Coucke’s advice, the host in a programme of cooking broadcast in the North of France. Pierre has brought his recipes and makes sure that the products are still very tasty! As a charismatic man, who adores his region, he takes part in exhibitions with always the same great pleasure, bringing joy during each meeting moments!

You are a client? You are looking for our products in the Nord-pas-de-Calais? You can contact us, we will tell you the trade name you have to turn to in order to get your product.

Les bonnes recettes de Pierrot